Pastor/Teaching Elder

Pastor Chris Willett is following in a long line of godly men who have pastored this church from its very beginning. He, his wife, and their daughter joined us in the fall of 2020.

Ruling Elders

The Bible establishes two offices for leading, directing, and serving the local church. The office of Elder and Deacon. It is the Elders call and responsibility to exercise spiritual oversight and leadership of the local body. We thank God He has given us these men to lead us in honoring and glorifying Him!


To the office of Deacon is given the care for the physical needs of the church and her members. Our Deacons are charged with the upkeep of the building, financial management, and service to those in need in our body and the community. These men give so freely of their time and are true examples of the servanthood of Christ.

Ministry Staff

From office management, to music, to women’s ministry, and more, the ministry staff of First Presbyterian is always at work. These individuals demonstrate why our motto “putting the Gospel to work” is so true!

Weekend Service Times & Location


Sunday at 11AM & 5PM




316 East Marion Avenue, Crystal Springs, Mississippi, 39059